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Before I could create this hobby web site I needed to learn a little bit about HTML and CSS coding and web design. I acknowledge the online teaching site and in particular instructors James Williamson and Joseph Lowry.

Henn's Wild Flowers of Ohio Wildflowers in Color Newcomb's Wildflower Guide Field Guide to Wildflowers Spring Wildflowers Secrets of WildflowersI took these photographs of wildflowers with various digital cameras‚ in the field. On occasion I used portable hand–fashioned reflectors or black backdrop. For identification and general information‚ my wife Aggie and I refer primarily to Wild Flowers of Ohio, Second Edition, by . Our expertise does not exceed that of interested amateur hobbyists. We highly recommend that anyone curious about Ohio wildflowers purchase Mr. Henn's book and take it with you into the field (or forest‚ as the case may be). Lake Katharine in the springtime would be a good place and season to start. We have also used other field guides including Newcomb’s Wildflower Guide by Wildflowers in Color by ‚ National Wildlife Federation’s Field Guide to Wildflowers of North America by ‚ and of course Google and Wikipedia. Fuller treatments may be found in ’s excellent Spring Wildflowers of the Northeast and The Secrets of Wildfowers by .

Aggie’s and my curiosity sprouted many years ago with a wildflower walk at Lake Katharine conducted by Mr. Dick Mosely‚ then the Chief of Ohio’s Division of Natural Areas and Preserves‚ and now retired. The State of Ohio has in recent years defunded the Division of Natural Areas and Preserves‚ to the detriment of its citizens as well as to nature.End Icon